Grand Master Message

I would like to give thanks to the brethren of this Grand Lodge in allowing me to serve as your Grand Master. I am honored beyond words.

It is impossible to fill the shoes of the great men who have served this Grand lodge before me. I know that I am unable to please everyone in this Grand Lodge. Therefore it is my promise to you brethren, that I will do my best to please God in all actions as Grand Master.

Appreciation is due to the Grand Lodge office staff and the Grand Lodge Website Committee.

I have the utmost confidence we will prevail in our endeavors this year with the help of the outstanding men serving as Grand Lodge officers.

May God bless each of you and our Great Fraternity.

Fraternally submitted

Edward Rhodes,
Grand Master, 2016
Grand Lodge of Mississippi, F∴ & A∴ M∴

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Brother Missing: Prayer Requested

biblesqcBrother Pettis Brewer was aboard the plane that went down earlier this week in the gulf. He is a member of Sand Hill Lodge No. 442. Rescue efforts are still underway and our Brother has not yet been found. We ask that all take a moment to offer up a prayer for this Brother, his family and all of the others involved in this terrible incident.

You can read a news article here.

Thank you.

The Grand Master’s Activities

Grand Master of Masons in Mississippi, Fred Bean

Grand Master of Masons in Mississippi, Fred Bean

Brethren, I think it is about time to update you regarding my activities.

Since my Installation as Grand Master I have been partially limited as to how far I could travel. After the Installation, I did attend a few meetings in March and April, one of which was the Annual Deputies School that was held at E.J. Knox King Solomon Lodge No. 130, March 28th, my home Lodge. Our members did an outstanding job in being the host for this event, and I appreciate them for this.

On April 16th I did attend The Annual Sottish Rite Reunion in Meridian, and Hamasa Shrine’s Stated meeting on April 21st. During May, June and part of July, I was not able to do much traveling. I was able to attend a Board of Directors Meeting of the Grand Lodge on June 3, 2015, where we took care of items that needed to be addressed. It has been a grueling experience not being able to travel to the various meetings that I had to cancel and reschedule some. Beginning July 11th, Brother Danny Alexander Grand Lecturer, PGM, Eddie Alexander and I traveled to Iuka Lodge No. 94 and attended my first Congressional School. Since that time I have been pretty active and have attended every School since.

I am very thankful for the progress that I have made and am very grateful for all the prayers, phone calls, letters and messages that I have received since my back operation, May 6th.

As Willie Nelson sang, “I’m on the road again”, which makes me feel like a bird out of the cage and am enjoying it to the fullest. As far as catching up on those missed meetings I am going to try, so just let me hear when a convenient time that you would like me to visit your Lodges. I prefer open District meetings where the ladies and non-Masons are able to attend. This gives us a chance to spread to those who might be interested in pursuing Masonry. We do not have membership drives so we must seize every opportunity to promote Masonry every time we get a chance.

Speaking of membership drives, we can look back on our rolls and check out the names of those who were initiated as an Entered Apprentice and never attempted to go any further. Brethren, these Brethren must have seen something in a Mason that prompted him to ask for a petition. I encourage each Brother to contact those Brethren and see if you can rekindle that desire he had when he asked for that petition.

I realize that the membership records for this year, 2015, ended August 31st and those who were suspended for non-payment of dues need to be contacted immediately and get them to reinstate. This is probably the easiest time to reinstate someone because as time passes, I assure you it will be harder to get them to reinstate.

Brethren, as this year passes, I would like to remind you that as I visit the various Lodges, I will be displaying this year’s Masonic lapel pins, neck ties and my special commemorative knife. This year the net proceeds from the lapel pins will be credited to the Grand Lodge Endowment fund, which is a very worthwhile project; The proceeds from the collector knifes will be credited to the Scholarship fund, which we must continue funding and the neck ties are just something that has been going on for past few years, which the Brethren seem to like. So far, these items have been received very well. I feel like that the District deputies have been displaying the lapel pins as they visit their Lodges. As you know October has been the month that has been designated for Masons to display their Masonic lapel pin on the lapel of their suit, sport coat or their shirt.

As we continue the remaining part of this Masonic year, I urge each of you to redouble your efforts in supporting your Lodges and your community.

Looking forward to visiting with each of you as I make my visits in your area.